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Painting Services

Ayres Painting Co. provides many services for our clients including interior painting, staining, drywall installation, drywall replacement, finishing, repairs and small remodeling jobs. We can work with residential or commercial clients.

Commercial Painting

We are one the largest apartment painting contractors in the Madison area.  We currently paint for companies such as: Gallina, Urban Land Interests and Munz Corporation.  We are especially noteworthy in our turn around times. We are very familiar with 24 hour turnovers and pride ourselves in the completion of these units in the given time frame.  We enjoy working closely with management and property maintenance.We also work in many other commercial spaces: offices, banks, retail stores, restaurants, hotels and more.  Great care is taken when working in these spaces to keep areas clean and finish in a timely manner. We know how important it is to keep the distraction of construction sites to a minimum and often will work during the weekend or after hours to relieve this problem.

Residential Painting

Ayres Painting has many options for our residential customers. We give free estimates and strive to accommodate any budget.  Creative solutions to problems make us unique.

Our focus is on interior painting. We specialize in painting woodwork, trim and cabinets as well. We understand the privilege of being invited to work in your home.

Drywall services

We are proud to offer full scale drywall services. We love to work in new construction homes and businesses. Projects that allow us to use our expertise from the drywall level through into fine finished painted completion are a pleasure for us, as we can assure that all construction steps are up to our standards. From a new build, to remodel, to general repairs, our drywall branch is happy to accommodate your project.